Light work leather sewing machines

Light work leather sewing machines are leather sewing machines intended for light kind of work such as domestic and non-industrial work. Usually the kind of leather to be used is very refined and light. Other than this, the work to be done is usually light, thus, it involves making a few items once in a while.

Light work leather sewing machines are both power types and walking foot. The popularity of one type over the other depends on availability of electricity and its cost and generally the living standard of a given population.

All leather sewing machines fall into two categories;

  1. Power type – they use electricity as the main source of power
  2. Walking foot – they use human energy driven by human foot that tend to move in a walking pattern.

Like the heavy duty leather sewing machines, light work leather sewing machines have the following features;

  • Overlock stitching
  • High pressure foot lift
  • Thicker chisel-shaped needles – they thicker to withstand the pressure required to draw them through tough leather and chisel-shaped because they have to cut through the leather. They are also sharper than normal needles
leather sewing machine

But, unlike the heavy duty sewing machines, the most distinguishing feature of the light work sewing machine is its portability. It is light and portable.