Leather sewing machine needles

Leather sewing machine needles are the most important of the Leather sewing machine accessories, without which, the machine is rendered redundant.  Therefore, special consideration must be given to the kind of needle used by a given machine you intend to buy. A good quality machine is one that is also accompanied by good quality accessories. Factors to consider when determining the best leather sewing machine needle include;

Toughness – toughness is the most crucial factor to consider when it comes to choosing the best needle. Since this needle is expected to pierce through tough fabric, it should be strong enough not to break or bend.

Surface finishing – surface finishing is also a critical factor to consider when choosing the best needle. Surface finishing refers to how well the surface of the needle has been done during the manufacturing process. Finishing includes surface texture and the thickness of the coating: The smoother the surface, the lesser the friction between the needle and the leather being pierced, thus the faster the rate of penetration and hence, the more effective and efficient results. The surface finishing is usually done by applying a special coat on the needle through electroplating. The thicker the coating the more durable the finishing would last, since light scratches due to friction won’t easily diminish the coat.

Durability – durability is determined by quality of metal used in manufacturing the needle, its toughness and surface finishing. Stainless steel is the commonest alloy used in making leather sewing machine needles.

leather sewing machine

Putting the above factors into consideration would result into having the best leather sewing machine needles that wouldn’t become an inconvenience to your work.